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The consortium, with headquarters in Piazza Farini 21, offer an active taxi service 24/7 every day of the year, including the festive holidays.

To book your taxi, you can simply call + 39 0544 338 88, even throughout the nightly hours: in the least possible time, a taxi will arrive to your location and fulfill your journey booking request.

Taxi booking service

The cooperative Ravenna, informs that the booking service, guarantees exclusively the input of the call into the system Radiotaxi at the time requested.
The confirmation of the departure of the taxi will arrive based on the availability of the vehicles at that time of the request. The client will need to call the main office to have confirmation of the service or due to missing confirmation of the transport.
The cooperative Ravenna denies any responsibility in case of late arrival to destinations for unforeseen circumstances, or for none to low availability of taxis, or for technical issues at the office. Refunds will not be issued of any kind, such as train tickets, plane tickets or any other type.

Phone bookings are to be made calling 0544 33888 stating the time and date and required, the type of vehicle necessary for your journey, as well as your to and from journey addresses.

To enquire and book a taxi, please call us on +39 0544 33888
Taxi service with operators active every day, 24/7